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All Surfaces can be Touched-Up Repaired & Refinished

All Surfaces can be  Repaired & Reupholstered





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Maintenance Programs Available


Leather Repair &Redying

Leather RepairNuteriors is at the forefront of the leather and covering restoration industry. Nuteriors has developed repair and redying technology for leather and all types of commercial coverings.

Using old world philosophy and modern technology, Nuteriors has made it possible to repair, reseal, redye and refinish all types of surfaces, including:Leather Desktop

  • Leather
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Fabrics
  • Marble
  • Carpet
  • Glass

Our ability to restore any damage, matched with our expertise in reupholstering, enables us to repair or re-cover entire pieces or individual panels. We replace individually
damaged panels, while perfectly matching color and texture. A cost effective solution that will not compromise the integrity of your decor. Nuteriors' repairing expertise, combined with a regimen of deep cleaning and conditioning, can restore the brilliance of your leather and postpone aging, cracking and fading.


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